Taking it Further Research Course (June-Control)
Date: 01/02/2022 - 30/04/2022
Location: Online

Starting this June 2021, the Oxford Mindfulness Centre will offer a number of ‘Taking it Further’ courses at a reduced fee if you take part in a research study – both the courses and the research will be online. This study involves completing surveys that will ask questions about your well-being and mental health over time.

You are invited to complete your first survey by June 14th, 12:00 midnight, UK Time: https://psychiatryoxford.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0pmMexpHDuhSyHQ

The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete and it will ask you to fill out a consent form and to answer questions on well-being.  We will be recording changes in your well-being prior to the start of the study to make sure it is the right time for you to take part. If you have recently experienced a traumatic event or are struggling with bereavement, please get in touch with the research team so that we can support you and discuss the next steps.

Please complete this registration form no later than June 14th midday, UK Time so that we can process all the applications on time. The research team will be in contact to inform you of your eligibility and you will receive your next survey one week after completing this survey, so please check your email regularly and if you have not received it by then, please contact the research team at shannon.maloney@psych.ox.ac.uk

To take part in the Taking it Further research study we ask that you meet the below eligibility criteria:

(1) You are 18 years old or over.

(2) You have completed either a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) or Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course at some point in the past. Introductory/taster/teacher training courses are not eligible. Mindfulness teachers are not eligible to take part. If you have already completed the Taking it Further programme, then you are not eligible to take part. 

(3) You are available to begin a 12-week Taking it Further course weekly on Mondays from June 28th (10:00 - 12:15 - UK time).

(4) You agree to watch an orientation video before the start of the study. The research team will offer this video closer to the start date.

(5) You agree to complete online surveys before the start of the study, during the study, and after the study. You will be invited to complete a brief survey by June 14th, June 21st, June 27th, July 20th, August 17th, and September 14th

(6) You acknowledge that the reduced fee of £138 is a research-funded subsidized rate to attend one Taking it Further course. Please refer to the terms and conditions to view the cancellation/reimbursement policy by following this link: https://www.oxfordmindfulness.org/about-us/courses/terms-and-conditions/ . Please email Shannon if you have any questions. 

(7) You will have access to a computer to participate in the online Taking it Further course and research surveys.

(8) You acknowledge that you will be randomized to one of two groups. You will be randomized to a ‘treatment’ or ‘control’ group. If you are allocated to the ‘treatment’ group, then you will be offered the Taking it Further course starting June 28th and you will complete a few surveys during the 12-week course. If you are allocated to ‘control’ then you will complete a few surveys over the course of 12 weeks from June 28th and will be offered a Taking it Further course at a later time (weekly on Mondays from October 4th, 10:00-12:15 UK Time). If you cannot make this alternate time, please email Shannon at shannon.maloney@psych.ox.ac.uk

Registering does not confirm your place on the course due to limited capacity.

The course you are trying to register for is no longer available, or is no longer accepting registrations. Please contact the OMF Admin Team via admin@oxfordmindfulness.org if you continue to experience problems.