Online - Cognitive and Behavioural Foundations of MBCT- Teacher Workshop 09:00 - 17:00 UK TIME
Date: 04/02/2023
Location: Online

Workshops at the OMF offer continuing professional development in teaching the MBCT curricula and in specialist areas of applying mindfulness training. They will interest trained mindfulness teachers as well as supporting those on a mindfulness Teacher Training Pathway.

 In line with our aim of maintaining professional standards in teaching and training, Ruth’s presentation session will be recorded for training and review purposes.

During the recording the camera will be focused on her presentation, though it is possible that participant’s voices may be heard in question and answer periods.

Should you have any concerns about your voice being heard or prefer to opt out, please make this known to us and we will endeavour to remove your voice from the recording, should this be necessary.

Thank you for your understanding in enabling us to ensure best practice in our organisation.

The course you are trying to register for is no longer available, or is no longer accepting registrations. Please contact the OMF Admin Team via if you continue to experience problems.