Day of Practice and Annual Teachers' Gathering 2024
Date: 01/09/2024 - 03/09/2024
Location: St Hugh's College

Commencing with a day of practice with David Treleaven and Alison Yiangou, this 2024 annual gathering from the OMF is focused on supporting mindfulness teachers.

The vision for the 2024 gathering is to bring together the mindfulness community. Day one will be a day of practice followed by two days dedicated to supporting those who have trained or are currently in training with the OMF (either directly or via one of our international partners).

If you have not yet trained with us but are interested in doing so in the future and you would like to join this event, please contact the admin team before making your application.  We aim to be as inclusive as possible and will work with you to explore suitability of the content for your individual needs.

These first 3 teacher gathering days are then followed by two workshops. 

On 4th September we are joined by David Treleaven for a transformative day of learning and practice with. This exclusive workshop offers a unique opportunity to delve into the art and science of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, with a special focus on nurturing and expanding your window of tolerance.

On 5th  September we are joined by Dan Siegel where will explore how our attention drives this energy of life inward, outward or dyadically as both will shape the kinds of strategies we will construct to handle life’s challenges.  During this workshop Dan will share his thoughts on 'knowing thyself', a lifelong invitation to learn more about your own inner experience and patterns of interacting with the world.

This booking is for the 3-day teacher gathering (Day of Practice and 2-day Teachers Gathering). 

Booking for the workshops is required separately, spaces are limited and early booking is recommended

Fees & availability

3 days - Day of Practice plus 2 days Teachers Gathering - includes lunch and refreshments: £355.00
zhen jie Zou 20% discount off standard fee: £284.00

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