Formal Competency Assessment for NHS Talking Therapies Trainees

MBCT Teacher Competency Assessment - Guidance for submission

Please do not submit for MBI:TAC assessment until you have read all the guidance in the handbook 'Applying for an Assessment of Competency to Teach MBCT for NHS Talking Therapies'. This handbook includes guidance for documents which support this application.

You need to have recorded yourself teaching before you submit an application. Please see the above link for guidance on recording and the consent forms required. If you do not have the correct recordings or consents we will not be able to process your application for MBCT Teaching Competency Assessment. Please do contact us with any queries in advance of submission at

Fees & availability

Personal Information

NHS Talking Therapies Training Centre

Please provide the location of your NHS Training Therapies Training Centre


Please provide the full name of the co-teacher you taught with.

Is your co-teacher training in the same cohort as you or another cohort?


Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Recordings of you teaching a recent 8-week MBCT course

It is your responsibility to send us recordings in which you are visible and both you and your participants are audible. Recordings which do not meet these criteria cannot be assessed.

There are various ways you can share your recordings with us. Further details are in the handbook "Applying for an Assessment of Competency to Teach MBCT for NHS Talking Therapies Trainees".

If you are able to share your recordings via our secure cloud storage platform, please contact the Competency Assessment administrator at to arrange this.

Or you can post them on a memory stick to:
OMF Competency Assessment, PO Box 228, BANGOR, LL57 9EU.
We strongly recommend that you keep your own copies and that you use a secure delivery service or courier.

If your Trust's Information Governance requirements do not allow either of the above methods, please contact the Competency Assessment administrator to arrange an alternative method.

To proceed you must have the consent of all of your course participants. Do you have this consent?

Please tick this box to confirm you understand these requirements.

Please tick this box to confirm you have sent in your recordings.

Documents to be uploaded

Please upload each of the following documents to accompany your assessment:
It is important that you press the 'upload' button for each file.

Timeline for each session.
Therapist's Confirmation of Consent to Recording form (Appendix 2)
One page explaining your teaching context.
A reflective commentary on your experience of teaching the course

Terms & Conditions

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