Application to join the OMC Teacher Partnership Programme

At Oxford Mindfulness we have made a commitment to support the field by increasing accessibility to MBCT courses. Our Teacher Partnership Programme provides a mechanism to support this vision. We are inviting Oxford Mindfulness trained MBCT teachers who are teaching MBCT courses, , including Mindfulness Based cognitive Therapy (MBCT); Mindfulness: MBCT for Life; Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World; Mindfulness: Taking your Learning Further and Mindfulness; Childbirth and Parenting to deliver their teaching via this partnership.

Terms and Conditions of Partnership Programme Membership:
Mindfulness teachers who meet all the below criteria are eligible to apply:
1. Undertaken MBCT Teacher Training with Oxford Mindfulness Centre or one of the Training Orginisations recognised by ACCESSMBCT
2. Have taught two MBCT courses under supervision
3. Have received a minimum of 20 supervision sessions for mindfulness teaching
4. Have liability insurance that covers your mindfulness teaching

The fee to apply pays for your application assessment is non-refundable therefore please read the Teacher Partnership Programme information before applying to ensure you are eligible.


Standard Rate – covers all operating costs: £100.00
Supported Rate – is less than the operating cost but subsidised by others who have paid the ‘Supporting Rate’: £80.00
Supporting Rate - is over and above the operating costs but supports others less financially able to join: £120.00

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Personal Information

If no preferred name is given your first name will be printed on your name badge.

Please check your spam folder for any missing correspondence from us and add our emails to your safe sender list. If you find you have not received anything from us up to a week before course commencement, email the team on

If you are moved in to a language specific group which language would you prefer?

Where did you hear about the event

Please specify:

Do you have a background in mental health?

Please provide detail of your skills and experience in the mental health field:

Please provide information of your Teacher Training with the OMC. Include dates, training titles and trainer names.

Any other mindfulness training undertaken since you were teacher trained such as masterclasses or workshops

Are you currently in supervision for your mindfulness teaching?

Who is your supervisor?
Are we able to contact your supervisor to confirm their support for your partnership teaching with the OMC?

Please provide your supervisor's e-mail address

When was your last supervision session?
What MBCT courses are you teaching that you would like to bring into the partnership?

To which population are you offering courses?

In which language are you teaching?

When did you last teach a course?

What is the average group size of the courses you teach?

Do you teach independently or with a colleague?

How often are you teaching courses?

How many courses have you taught since you were trained?

Have you been trained as a mindfulness supervisor?

With which training origination? Please provide dates and trainers

Are you currently offering mindfulness supervision?

We are asking mindfulness supervisors to also offer placement opportunities for teachers in training to co-teach at 8 week courses. Would you be willing to be an apprentice placement host?

Anything else you would like to tell us regarding your application?

Additional questions

Please confirm you meet the main terms and conditions of membership:

Undertaken MBCT Teacher Training with the OMC

Taught two MBCT courses under supervision

Received a minimum of 20 hours supervision for mindfulness teaching

Understand that all professional liability is carried by the partner and therefore have liability insurance that covers your mindfulness teaching

Please confirm you have read the Teacher Partnership Programme Terms and Conditions and agree to join this Partnership Programme and commit to the main Terms and Conditions of membership plus the Key Principles of membership

Terms & Conditions

Yes please - I want to be contacted by the OMC.

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