MBCT 8 week Course with Kornelia Nyitray (Hungarian)
Date: 18/06/2020 - 13/08/2020
Location: Online

This course will be run in Hungarian. A tanfolyam magyar nyelvu

This course uses mindfulness practices and exercises to cultivate a friendly, curious, and compassionate awareness of present-moment experiences in the mind and body. It teaches skills for working with stress, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction with life. It also cultivates appreciation and savouring of life's joys, beauties, and meaningful moments. This course is not intended as a treatment for medical or psychological disorders and is not suitable for people who are currently experiencing severe problems in these areas.

Contact: Kornelia Nyitray
email: mindfulnellyjelentkezes@gmail.com
mobile: +36 30 2272 696

Average rate: HUF 60.000.
Supported rate: HUF 45.000.
Supporter rate: HUF 75.000

PLEASE NOTE: This course is being delivered live online through the Zoom https://zoom.us platform. With all our courses we work hard to provide a safe environment to enable participants to fully engage with the programme. To support us with this, when engaging online we ask that you consider your environment when participating in these sessions. Where possible please use a private space where you will not be disturbed so that you and the group can achieve the highest levels of participation and confidentiality. Where you are not in a private space, to support confidentiality we ask that you use a headset or earphones rather than the speakers on your device and as much as possible have your screen facing away from the others in the room.

Please note - this is not a Teacher Training Course and you will not be trained to deliver mindfulness courses after completion. This is an introduction to mindfulness programme for personal development.

The course you are trying to register for is no longer available, or is no longer accepting registrations. Please contact the OMC Admin Team via admin@oxfordmindfulness.org if you continue to experience problems.