Online - Foundational Teacher Training Programme - Weekly teaching block format - Saturdays - 09:00 - 17:00 UK Time
Date: 06/03/2021 - 05/03/2022
Location: Online

The aim of this training programme is to develop the knowledge, skills, and professional competencies required to teach MBCT with supervision. This training programme is suitable for those intending to teach in general population contexts, workplaces, and educational settings, and for healthcare and mental health professionals planning to teach in clinical settings.

Applicants must be willing to commit to continuing professional development and adherence to professional ethical standards after training. 

All those who wish to join must meet the following pre-requisites:

Have a regular personal mindfulness practice ideally for at least one year

Completed an MBCT course, either in-person or online

Knowledge and experience of the population and context where you would like to teach MBCT; for example, workplace, education, criminal justice, physical or mental healthcare, or general population

Skills for working with individuals and groups

For the online training elements, applicants must have access to suitable technology, space, privacy and the technical ability to join an online training programme via Zoom.

Applications will be prioritised from those who have access to a population and setting where they are actively involved and will be able to introduce MBCT. Specifically we will prioritise applications where there is the potential to engage with marginalised or underrepresented communities and where we might be able to support the implementation of MBCT into non-English speaking communities through training bi-lingual teachers.

The OMC aims to remain engaged with, and support teachers beyond completion of their training, we endeavour to offer more than a standard training programme but a lifelong relationship of support and mutual engagement. Therefore, it is important for the OMC that there be some alignment to OMC vision and our trainee cohort aspirations. 

Dates of Training:
Saturdays: 06/03/2021 & 13/03/2021 & 20/03/2021 & 27/03/2021 & 10/04/2021 & 24/04/2021 & 01/05/2021 & 08/05/2021 (Teacher Training)

Wednesday: 30/06/2021 (Origins of Mindfulness)

Monday – Friday 06/09/2021 & 07/09/2021 & 08/09/2021 & 09/09/2021 & 10/09/2021 (Retreat)

Thursday: 18/11/2020 (Orientation & Assessment, and Ethics)

Saturdays: 27/11/2021 & 04/12/2021 & 11/12/2021 & 08/01/2022 & 15/01/2022 & 22/01/2022 & 29/01/2022 & 05/02/2022 (Teacher Training)

Friday: 11/02/2022 (Finding Peace in a Frantic World) or Saturday 12/02/2022 (MBCT for Depression) Participants choose depending on their area of work

Friday: 25/02/2022 (Research Evaluation)

Saturday: 05/03/2022 (Final Day)

In addition, each participant will have 5.5 hours of individual mentoring at times to be agreed

The course you are trying to register for is no longer available, or is no longer accepting registrations. Please contact the OMC Admin Team via if you continue to experience problems.